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Our clients say..

  • "I have got the vaastu analysis done for my home in Belgaum, and I was impressed by the clarity of data collection and the report presentation. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends and relatives."

    -Rajesh Patil, Belgaum

  • "I have worked with experts at VastuJunction for few months now and use their service when designing outdoor layouts for my clients. I am happy with the in-depth knowledge of Ms. Patwardhan and my clients keep doing follow-ups with them.".

    -Avinash, Delhi

  • "Lot of probs at hme and office I call vastu guys! they help me in hindi and give some ideas which re useful and less cost. thznks."

    -Brijesh Patel, Ahmedabad 

  • "Being an architect & interior home designer, I get a lot of queries from clients regarding Vaastu and energy balanceing. We always refer such enquiries to the experts at Vastu Junction who handle them meticulously and also follow-up to check on results and performance."

    - Ms. Mahajan, Kolhapur

Welcome to Vaastu Junction


Vaastu Science has been practiced in India for 100s of years, but its prominence had been lost due to "industrialization & modernization". It is now being rediscovered as the most EFFECTIVE and scientific way to have a well-balanced lifestyle. Based on our years of experience with Vaastu Shastra, we now bring the Art of Energy Balancing to your doorstep in simple and easily understandable steps! 

Be it bringing prosperity in the business, happiness in the family, progress at work or study disciple with children, Vaastu has proven to have shown positive lasting effects in all these areas - when done RIGHT and done with FAITH!

 The VaastuJunction Platform provides you with the tools & experts to Evaluate and Balance the Vaastu of any property in a new way which is Scientific, Effective and Affordable! Using technology, we are able to bring to you the best experts in India at your service. Combining their knowledge with our easy-to-follow instructions, you can now get the Vaastu evaluation of any premise done in 5 simple steps:

1. Call Or visit and provide us your Info.

2. Our Junior Expert helps you to collect premise details.

3. Data entered into system and analyzed by EXPERTS around India.

4. Report prepared, emailed or delivered to you!

5. Brief telephonic discussion with the Expert on report & remedies.


vastu consultant in pune
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